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The animation shown on the right was done with weather simulation data. The time sequence data were generated from a supercomputer. A commercial scientific visualization system was used to generated three dimensional objects.

Each time step data have objects including: cloud and rain water fields; wind streaks (streamlines); temperature isosurfaces. Like any conventional animation all these three dimensional objects were rendered and then reduced to two dimensional images. The time sequence images were then process into a movie showing in here.

It was very expensive to produce this kind of animation. About 10 years ago, the animation data generation had to be done with a supercomputer that cost about millions of dollars. Now a workstation or a high-end PC can do the similar job. A commercial scientific visualization system is still relatively expensive. It costs somewhere from few thousand dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. However, today we can do with a public domain software system. You may find more information for the PC Scientific Visualization link on this site.

If you are interested about this animation or animation in general, you may ask me by sending me e-mail.