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Raks Jenna (Dance Paradise in Arabic)

Raks Jena Dance Troupe
Jenna Dance Troupe Members

Raks Jenna Dance Troupe members have been dancing together for 5 years. They perform ethic, cabaret, and gypsy styles. Their varied styles make them a favorite at festivals and corporate functions. Additionally, they frequently perform for charity events and nursing homes.

They recently participated in the creation of a music video with a leading star Music Master Mike who is one of the Beastie Boys rock music group members.

The video is about the rock star, dancers, and aliens. The story goes that while Raks Jenna members are dancing, Music Master Mike wanders through dancers and disappears as he is supposed to be pursued and abducted by aliens. The video is to be aired on MTV. Please read Raks Jenna meets Mixmaster Mike , an aritcle about this video production.

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