Visualization & Data Analysis
SPIE Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis
(Formerly: SPIE Conference on Visual Data Exploration and Analysis 1993-2001)
January 20-25, 2002, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA


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19 February 2001:
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25 June 2001:
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19 November 2001:
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17 December 2001:
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20-25 January 2002:
Electronic Imaging 2002

Conference Chairs & Program Committee Members

Monday, January 21

Session 1: Large-Scale Data Visualizations
Session Chair: Robert F. Erbacher

8:30 Responsive scalable thin wire visualization: application to large geographic datasets, C. Yap, K. Been, Z. Du

8:50 View-dependent approach to MIP for very large data, N. Shareef, R. Crawfis

Session Break 9:10-9:20

Session 2: Volume Visualization 1
Session Chair: Philip C. Chen

9:20 Naturally convergent and optimal 3D surface mesh generation by concurrent agents, H. Wei, D. Y. Y. Yun

9:40 Using quadratic simplicial elements for hierarchical approximation and visualization, D. F. Wiley, B. Hamann, Univ H. R. Childs, K. I. Joy, N. L. Max

Coffee Break 10:00-10:20

Session 3: Biomedical Visualization
Session Chair: Matti Gröhn

10:20 Remote transformation and local 3D reconstruction and visualization of biomedical data sets in Java3D, J. Meyer, P. Pinnamaneni, S. Saladi

10:40 Segmentation and 3D visualization of high-resolution human brain cryosections, I. Takanashi, E. B. Lum, K. L. Ma, J. Meyer, B. Hamann, A. J. Olson

11:00 Effective classification of 3D image data using partitioning methods, V. Megalooikonomou, D. Pokrajac, A. Lazarevic, Z. Obradovic

Session Break 11:20-11:30

Session 4: Scientific Visualization
Session Chair: Ed Swan

11:30 Visualization and holography: real virtuality, S. V. Matveyev, S. Klimenko

11:50 Representing thermal vibrations and uncertainty in molecular surfaces, C. H. Lee, A. Varshney, J. Moult

Lunch Break 12:10-1:50

Session 5: Applications
Session Chair: Craig M. Wittenbrink

1:50 Invited Paper: Visualizing and Analyzing Clickstream Data, Stephen G. Eick

2:30 Application of physics engines in virtual worlds, M. Norman, T. Taylor

2:50 Component-oriented approach to adaptive collaborative visualization, J. Gallop, C. Cooper, I. Johnson, D. Duce, G. S. Blair, G. Coulson, T. Fitzpatrick

Coffee Break 3:10-3:30

Session 6: Algorithms
Session Chair: Katy Börner

3:30 Efficient implementations of edge localization algorithms, R. Sundaram

3:50 Fast simulation of atomic-force-microscope imaging of atomic and polygonal surfaces using graphics hardware, G. Varadhan, W. Robinett, D. Erie, R. M. Taylor II

4:10 Contour-based progressive coding of cutting plane data, Y. Guan, R. J. Moorhead II

4:30 Data compression method for tetrahedral meshes, S. K. Ueng, K. Sikorski

Session Break 4:50-5:00

Session 7: Volume Visualization 2
Session Chair: Jonathan C. Roberts

5:00 Comprehensible volume LIC rendering based on 3D significance map, L. Chen, I. Fujishiro, Y. Suzuki

5:20 Operation level acceleration for volume rendering, J. Song, O. Gwun, H. Jeong

5:40 Volume visualization of 5D sedimentation models, R. Vickery, T. Keen, R. Brou, D. Carruth, R. J. Moorhead II, S. Doane

7:30 Viz Dinner: Details to be Announced

Tuesday, January 22

Session 8: Parallel Visualization
Session Chair: Jonathan C. Roberts

9:30 Interactive distributed hardware-accelerated LOC-sprite terrain rendering with stable frame rates, J. E. Swan II, J. Arango, B. K. Nakshatrala

9:50 Distributed feature extraction, D. E. Silver, Y. Kusurkar, J. Chen

10:10 Interactive parallel visualization framework for distributed data, K. A. Perrine, D. R. Jones, P. Hochschild, R. A. Swetz

Coffee Break 10:30-11:00

Session 9: Internet and Web Visualizations
Session Chair: Matti Gröhn

11:00 TugOfWar: a simple 2D web visualization technique, E. A. El-Kwae, L. S. Tsay

11:20 Using semantic treemaps to categorize and visualize bookmark files, Y. Feng, K. Börner

11:40 Glyph-based generic network visualization, R. F. Erbacher

Lunch Break 12:00-1:40

Session 10: Flow Visualizations
Session Chair: Craig M. Wittenbrink

1:40 Invited Paper: Discoverying the Unexpected Through Visual Analytics, Jim J. Thomas

2:20 Distributed computation of planar closed streamlines, T. Wischgoll, G. Scheuermann, H. Hagen

2:40 HSV representation of non-Newtonian Lattice-Boltzmann flows, R. Geist, K. Rasche, J. Westall

Coffee Break 3:00-3:20

Session 11: Visualization Techniques
Session Chair: Philip C. Chen

3:20 Statistical generation of city models, C. Yap, H. Biermann, A. Hertzmann, C. Li, J. Meyer, H. K. Pao, S. Paxia

3:40 Visualization of high-density 3D graphs using nonlinear visual space transformations, M. C. Hao, U. Dayal, D. Cotting

4:00 Regular spatial separation for exploratory visualization, J. C. Roberts

4:20 Automated geodata analysis and metadata generation, D. Balfanz

Session Break 4:40-4:50

Session 12: Interaction
Session Chair: Robert F. Erbacher

4:50 Combining physical and semantical navigation in 3D information, C. Russo Dos Santos, P. Gros, P. Abel

5:10 Virtual-virtual haptic feedback and why it wasn't enough, M. J. Bailey, D. Clark

Session Break 5:30-5:45

5:45 Panel Session: VizLies

Poster Papers

Monday, January 20, 5:30-7:00 pm

Improved ray-casting algorithm for volume visualization, S. N. Yang, T. S. Wu

Brain Slicer: a high-performance Internet-based neuromedical imaging system, R. Zhao, T. Tao, M. Gabriel, G. Belford

Roget2000: a 2D hyperbolic tree visualization of Roget's Thesaurus, J. Baumgartner, T. A. Waugh Footprint algorithm based on the cubic energy, S. Gu, J. Shi, T. Chen

Imaging wet gas separation process by capacitance tomography, W. Yang, V. T. Nguyen, M. Betting, Twister B.V., A. Chondronasios, S. Nuttras, F. Okimoto, Twister B.V., H. McCann

Combination of content maps by co-word analysis, A. Zartl, E. Schiebel

FlySanDiego: a web-aware 3D interactive regional information system, M. J. Bailey, S. Lukas

Distributed sound for volumes: data analysis using distributed visualization and sonification, R. Minghim, V. C. Lucas Salvador, B. Sousa Freitas, M. C. Ferreira de Oliveira, L. Gustavo Nonato

Non-rigid 3D registration in freehand fetal ultrasound imaging by using feature points, Z. Zhang, T. H. Tat

Three-dimensional audio rendering for distributed virtual environment, Q. Zhang GeoCrystal: graphic-interactive access to geodata archives, S. Göbel, J. Haist, C. Göbel

Call For Papers

Extended abstracts for the SPIE conference on Visualization and Data Analysis 2003 will be due June 30, 2002. Contact Dr. Erbacher at for more information as it becomes available.

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Contact Information

Conference Chairs
Robert F. Erbacher, Computer Science Department, University at Albany - SUNY
Philip Chen, Future, Inc.
Matti Gröhn, Helsinki University of Technology
Jonathan C. Roberts, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent at Canterbury
Craig M. Wittenbrink, nVIDIA

Program Committee Members
Katy Borner, Indiana University
Uwe Brinkschulte, University of Karlsruhe
L. Eric Greenwade
, Idaho National Engineering Lab.
Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg Pagendarm, German Aerospace Research Establishment
Alex Pang, University of California-Santa Cruz
Chris Shaw
, Georgia Tech
J. Edward Swan II
, The Naval Research Laboratory
Pak Chung Wong, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Yingcai Xiao, The University of Akron

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